Parkland, Washington native Isaac Ray returns with his brand new mixtape entitled  In Mah Own Lane which is a 10-track body of work that explores his experiences as a young man growing up on the West Coast. The bulk of the album is produced by Ray himself except for one track that is co-produced by Viper Beats.


The opening track “All Mah Dawgs” is a reflective tune that talks about being true to himself and sticking to the people who are down with him. The production has a smooth summery vibe and bounce that blends perfectly with his melodic style. Next is “LMK” which sees Ray reflecting on love and the dynamics of egos clashing with true feelings. Over the sombre and sublime backdrop, he delivers his thoughts with his distinct melodic cadence and candid storytelling where he admits his flaws and takes steps in correcting the situation. In the sombre guitar-driven “Would You”, he shares his frustrations with the way some people perceive him and regardless of what they think, he proves them wrong by being a stand-up guy at the end of the day while on the bouncy “Lonely”, he shows us how he stays a loner at heart even though he has people around him. Again, Ray stays true to his roots with his playful melodic flow and candid lyrics that listeners can relate to.


“Paper” is a go-getter anthem ripe with lush acoustic guitar licks and is peppered by Ray’s plea to focus on one’s goals and secure the bag rather than horsing around.  “Face Life” has that classic West Coast vibe with its slick funk-bassline and rich piano riffs and Ray gets into his element as he stands on business. He knows any wrong move can lead him astray so he keeps his guard with lines like “Keep my eyes peeled, watch out for the okey doke” and tops the track with a smooth memorable hook. The project closes out with “losefo”, a mellow reflective tune where he pens an open letter to his dead homies and the craziness of life and the never-ending strife. Other tracks include the Viper Beats-assisted  “On Mah Feet”, the sombre “Bleed Mah Lane 2” and the summer party jam “Fallback”. These tracks are well-crafted and contain Ray’s rich melodic style and somewhat playful demeanour but for the most part, listeners get to understand where he comes from and how he manoeuvres through the concrete jungle.


Overall In Mah Own Lane, is chock full of catchy songs with engaging production that exudes Ray’s West Coast roots. Ray’s knack for smooth melodies can’t go unnoticed and it’s something he does so well here.

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