Uprising rapper/songwriter  Buu E. Radley makes his debut entry on our site with his new release titled The Mockingbird. The 12-track project revolves around his experiences growing up, his daily struggles as an adult and all the events that shaped him into who he is at the moment. From his rough childhood to his chasing his dreams, he aims to show us a 360 view into his life.


The project starts with the sombre and reflective track “Insomnia” which is produced by Petrofsky Beats. Here, Buu E. gives listeners a glimpse into his past and his ultimate goal of escaping poverty which keeps him awake and always on the grind. Lines like “The refrigerator door didn’t have food inside/Go away and come back in a half an hour/ a child’s imagination kept me wishful every time” shows how his past trauma is forever etched into his mind and made him into a go-getter. Next is “Get a Bag”, a chilled track with bouncy trap drums and moody textures, Buu E. talks about manifesting his dreams by securing the proverbial bag and living the best life money can buy. The track is relatable and well-crafted with a somewhat memorable and simple hook. The following tracks “Round We Go” and “Life Is a Trip” give listeners different sides to his persona. The former is a midtempo tune that also dives into the concept of generational wealth and creating a legacy for his family while the latter is as playful as they come with the flow even though the concept is somewhat reflective. The chorus however is a bit disjointed as it doesn’t quite add that extra layer of depth to the subject matter itself.


The journey continues on the melancholic “Keeper” which is made up of airy vocal samples, soft drum grooves and pads all underpinned by Buu E.’s unassuming and laidback flows. Here, he talks about the mysteries of life with lines like Because I’m one of a kind, once in a lifetime/Once an existence more interested in dying/I wanna know the mystery of it and the science, why do people call dead relatives when they flying from the physical plane headed on to the next and sums it up with his air of curiosity and search for knowledge. The following track “Love Letter” is a heartfelt tune that starts with Buu E. flexing before asking the lady who caught his eye the pertinent question that borders around true love.


What if I wrote you a love letter/What if you fell in love with me, what if we get married/what if we got divorced later/will you take half my shit?/Will you turn the kids against me? will you leave me on my dick?


He then proceeds to give her the best steamy session and woos her completely. The track is a mixed bag of themes that is love-themed, sexual and cynical all at once.  “God Blessing Me” is a bouncy tune that sees the rapper appreciating the little things in life and feeling grateful for everything he has. Even though he is not where he wants to be, he still acknowledges his current disposition and he is content. The final track “Hear from You” is a tribute to his offspring and it is also an open letter of some sort that talks about growth and being there for him regardless. It is a heartfelt and emotional way to end the project and surely shows his vulnerable side to the listeners.  Other tracks include “On My Mind” an R&B-infused love tune that anchors on an offbeat melodic performance, some parts are so off-key that it’s hard to ignore but it’s just too playful, to be honest. “Cappin” has a serviceable production and the chorus is a bit too lazy and for the most part, it’s a filler track.


Overall, The Mockingbird. is a work in progress in our opinion. The production at times falters and doesn’t quite hold up to the times but there are some solid ones. As for Buu E., his laidback flow works for the most part but at times, it feels phoned in and lacks the emotional energy to stand out. As for the subject matter, it’s relatable and candid so listeners will enjoy the topics they gravitate towards the most.

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