New Zealand based South African artist InDuna  (pronounced in-Doo-nah)  delivers the graphic visuals for his thought-provoking song titled “Black Man Running.” The multi-genre act gives a harrowing depiction of his experiences as a black man trying to stay afloat in this cesspool called life.

Over a mellow, haunting backdrop, InDuna delivers an emotional performance that digs deep into his layered experiences in South Africa and New Zealand and how all the issues he faced back then are still present in this day and age. The visuals are quite engaging too and focus on an injured InDuna running for his life through the woods. Although it seems no one is chasing him but the unknown surroundings sure add to the ominous vibe of being haunted by everything around him.

Black Man Running started off as one of many demos that were created in InDuna’s home studio. The potential songs were brought and shown to sound engineer Toby Lloyd from Tiny Triumph Recordings. Black Man Running stood out and was chosen to be developed and recorded. The song grew to become the backbone for InDuna’s upcoming EP. 

InDuna produces a range of genres including hip-hop, rnb and pop. As a kid being exposed to different types of genres and being part of a choir, he has been able to incorporate his experience into any genre that he works in. His roots also allow him to blend his vocals and sounds from Africa to bring a unique vibe and narrative to his music and capture the essence of him as an artist. 

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