We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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RoyG – “The Sum of IT”


“The Sum of IT” by. emerging emcee RoyG helps launch the list this week. He goes for an unfiltered performance over a laidback backdrop. His lyrical style is layered and sure packs a punch.
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Shawna Cain – “I Am A Spirit”


Canadian rapper Shawna Cain shares the video for her single “I Am A Spirit.” An uplifting piece that showcases her beliefs and how it has shaped her journey so far. Over a bouncy trap backdrop, Cain implores listeners to let God guide them in their daily endeavors.
“I Am A Spirit” is taken from her debut EP The Way.



Kli-Max The Highest Point – “Stepdad”

Kli-Max The Highest Point makes his entry on our list with the heartfelt track titled “Stepdad.” Over a soulful backdrop, he details a blossoming relationship between a man and his stepson. It’s very insightful and very touching.
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Lefty The Greatest – “Where’s My Crown”

“Where’s My Crown” is an anthemic single by Delaware rapper Lefty The Greatest. Backed by a vibrant backdrop, she delivers a solid and passionate performance and gives us an insight into her work ethic and perspective on the male-driven industry. She doesn’t hold back and lets the listener know that she is here to stay.
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Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=XHXxUJoVH8o




Just Charles – “Up Until Now”


Emerging rapper Just Charles gives us a glimpse into his life on “Up Until Now.” Over a smooth, reflective backdrop, he takes through his childhood and all the ups and downs. Each verse talks about different aspects of his life and really cuts deep.

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3. – “No surprise”


3. delivers a solid performance over the jazz-infused boom-bap vibes of his new release titled “No surprise” . “No surprise” is taken from his new project OG$WANK.
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B1GJuice – “Run”

B1GJuice takes time to reflect on the current state of affairs with his new single “Run.” He makes use of a haunting solemn backdrop for his take on police brutality and gun violence.
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Toke – “Maduro Madness”


“Maduro Madness” is a laid back hazy track that Lashes Toke uses to explain his love for cigars and just chilling.



Cameron – “Special”

Emerging Atl based singer Cameron makes her debut on TWIB with her new single “Special.” She delivers a solid performance with her sublime vocals over the lush, dreamy backdrop, and dives into the effects of being deep in love with someone. It’s definitely a feeling everyone can relate to.

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Tay Da Prince – “Love One Another” f/John Legend

Tay Da Prince teams up with John Legend (who is his uncle) on this heartwarming piece titled “Love One Another.” The piano-laden beat is an uplifting track that implores the listener to show love and also addresses racial injustices and hatred in society while John Legend ties it up with a soul gripping chorus.
The video is a celebrity-packed affair and features John Legend and luminaries such as David Oyelowo,Big Boy, Byron Allen, Shawn Stockman, King Bach, Louis Gossett Jr., and more.
Proceeds from “Love One Another,” will be used to raise money for nonprofits Feeding America and the Love One Another Foundation.
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Loki Loko & Big O – “California Dream” (feat. Chase Heinze & Dutch100)


“California Dream” is the 3rd single by London-based, American producer Big O & Los Angeles Rapper Loki Loko. The track is a laidback west coast funk-infused jam that exudes the summer vibes we all love. The track gives listeners a glimpse in the life of Southern California and what’s it like to grow up in O.C
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G Lett – “Monopoly”


East London artist G Lett shows us a different kind of vibe on his single “Monopoly.” He makes use of a vibrant backdrop and delivers an eclectic melodic performance laced with insightful and uplifting lyrics.



Kid Travis – “Galaxy”

Kid Travis ‘s”Galaxy” is a nice blend of future pop and soul. He makes use of lush, heartwarming textures and delivers a sublime vocal performance that is solid from start to finish.
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Neahe Ashain x Shaun Lamott x Arietta Ward – “Persevere”


Neahe Ashain , Shaun Lamott, and Arietta Ward team up for the uplifting single titled “Persevere.” The song has a solemn and emotional feel as the artist look at the effects of police brutality and much more.

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Suede Jury x Pat RZL – “Savage”


Brooklyn native Suede Jury and Pat RZL team up for the hard-hitting “Savage.” A song that talks about being a Black creator from a rich lineage of Black creators, mutating peace from the riot that rages within. The song implores the listeners to keep the inner passion alive despite the obstacles placed around them.
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