Indigo Phoenyx and Teck-Zilla have graced us with another collaboration with super lyrical track that has been titled ‘Goddess Tings’. It has become quite obvious that these two have a great chemistry in the lab and they might as well just seal the deal by cutting a full length body of work as it stands. Just in case you might have missed their previous offering, then just listen to Ascension real quick to hear how they vibe together. Indigo Phoenyx is definitely a different type of animal as people like her are in serious short supply these days. This lady will run circles around a lot of guys  lyrically and that is a honest perspective. Queen Herawin gave that gritty vocals on the hook to an already gritty beat carved by Teck-Zilla and it just brings the whole track together.

Find Indigo Phoenyx on Twitter and Instagram to get personal with her and you can also find Teck-Zilla onInstagram and Twitter.

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