The ever-working rapper/songwriter Indigo Phoenyx teams up with producer Krohme for this exclusive new project titled The Dynasty Of Dominique Devereaux. As the title suggests, The concept is inspired by Diahann Carroll’s (RIP) character from the hit ’80s tv show Dynasty. Over a variety of cinematic soundscapes provided by Krohme, Indigo Phoenyx raps from the perspective of the elegant Dominique Devereaux who revels in luxurious surroundings, sipping the finest champagne and brunching with powerful individuals while eating caviar.

The project starts off with the nostalgic and introductory record titled “Brunch In Rome Villas” followed by the soulful “Burnt Champagne” where Indigo embodies the spirit of a leader stating her claims effortlessly. In “Chanel Shades” she basks in her fortune after securing her bag and does away with negative vibes. Her laidback flow is pronounced on this as she flows seamlessly over the ethereal soundscape laid before her. The last two cuts “Petrossian Beluga” and “Bordeaux In Boardrooms” continue the exquisite tastes of her character. The former has a moody and dreamy texture while the latter has a soothing and reflective vibe that closes out the project with Indigo at her apex as she achieves her goals with the naysayers left in the dust kissing their teeth.

Overall, the project is cohesive and the use of specific clips from the Dynasty show also helps cement the theme in the most perfect manner.

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