The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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P.B. Kelii – “Rider”

P.B. Kelii returns to our list with his new song “Rider”, which sees him musing on the immovable loyalty between him and his lady. The self-produced track has a soulful vibe layered over punchy drums and is underpinned by P.B kelli’s honesty and candid lyrics that detail the ride or die attributes of his partner. “Rider” is taken from his debut project titled Blue Chips, Vol. 1.



Jon Hannz – “Venge”

Jon Hannz‘s “Venge” is a heartfelt and reflective record that talks about life’s daily struggles and tribulations. Over a somber piano-laden and punchy soundscape, Jon Hannz talks about the hardship of life, from being dealt the wrong cards, to dealing with treacherous close friends, he realized that it’s a dog eat dog and he got left in the dust but now he is back to take his pound of flesh. He is joined by J Thurston and Lord Maze who add their own 2 cents to the track with vivid tales of disloyal people.


Metri Christ – “Blue”

Metri Christ‘s “Blue” is a full display of his lyrical range, weaving between personal struggles and the hurdles life throws at one throughout the journey. Backed by a sparse and punchy soundscape, Metri delivers pure unadulterated bars ripe with braggadocio and thoughtful elements that listeners can appreciate. The track is taken from his new album Before I Wake.


Dwayne Chess From Sackman St – “Start”

Indie artist Dwayne Chess From Sackman St takes us back to the “Start”. A laidback off-kilter track that showcases his unique lyrical style ripe with bravado and vivid lyrical imagery. His flow is impassioned and stylish and a solid addition to one’s freestyle playlist.



Savis – “Patio”


Savis‘s “Patio” is a reflective tune that details a man’s thoughts after a bad breakup. Over a soulful and sober backdrop, he muses on his predicament and finds peace with his thoughts as he embraces the cool breeze on the beach.





DSB Lair – “Ur Eyes”

DSB Lair makes his entry on our playlist with “Ur Eyes”, an adulation-filled tune that sees him detailing the beautiful attributes of the woman who caught his eye. Over a sublime jazz-infused backdrop, he waxes poetic on his love and the result is a heartfelt and candid tune everyone can relate to.

Jibba “The Gent” x Rico James – “Circular”



JibbaThe Gent” and Rico James team up for “Circular”. Bolstered by a gritty soundscape made up of woozy chops and punchy boom-bap drums, the rapper delivers a blend of bravado and thoughtful bars. The track is taken from the producer/rapper collaboration album Kingmakers.

Jai Musiq – “H.I.M.”


Memphis, TN artist Jai Musiq embodies his true spirit in his new song “H.I.M.”. Over a soulful and atmospheric soundscape, he details the journey to self-discovery and finding his confidence, and being able to live in it fully.  The record is both heartfelt and exudes aspirational vibes and it’s perfect for that evening playlist to relax to.




Dedge P – “Summer Rain”

Dedge P teams up with Knick Knack for the uplifting tune titled  “Summer Rain”. Over a smooth upbeat backdrop, the emcees pay homage to God and the blessings he showered on them like the summer rain. The chorus is quite catchy and smooth too.



Broughton – “Nightmare Scene”


UK emcee Broughton is not new to us and he returns with “Nightmare Scene”, a somber and solemn tune that digs deep into his personal struggles. The title refers to him being able to have dreams but nightmares everytime he closes his eyes. The dark production sure adds to the melancholic theme.





Cameo Brooks – “BURNOUT”

Cameo Brooks breaks his hiatus with this hard-hitting drill track titled “BURNOUT”. The UK emcee takes time to reflect on his life and shares his journey thus far for the listeners.



Slick Da Sniper – “Good Over Here”


“Good Over Here” is the newest release from Slick Da Sniper who continues his slew of releases. Over a crunchy beat made up of ominous textures, heavy basslines, and scratches on the chorus section, Slick drops hard-hitting bars laced with bravado and verbal darts for the opposition.


Emerging rapper IDAM hit us with this aspirational tune titled “DAYDREAMIN”. Over a vibrant and soulful soundscape, he shares his dreams and hopes and balances it with a healthy dose of reality to drive home the point while imploring listeners to not give up on their goals.

Raw Soul – “Shine”

Canadian emcee Raw Soul shares the tale of finding one’s true self in his new song “Shine”. The somber track is built on warm, solemn keys, pulsating basslines, and soft drums to match.

Justmusic20x91 – “Elevate”

Justmusic20x91‘s “Elevate” is about real-time issues from having patience, pushing against the odds as an indie artist, and the need to just stay focused on one’s goals

F.ACE – “For The Money”

UK emcee F.ACE gets candid and honest in his new song “For The Money”. Backed by an ominous soundscape, he shows us the various schemes he used to get up to get the money. From committing unspeakable acts to taking over corners, the emcee shows us the dark side of things and implores listeners not to go that route because it only leads to destruction at the end of it all.

Trevor Spitta – “4 My Eyes Only”


Trevor Spitta returns to our site with “4 My Eyes Only”. A self-reflective tune that sees the rapper in retrospective mode. Over a soulful and moody backdrop, he delivers a blend of bravado and evocative raps that everyone can rock with.


Marlon McClain – “It’s A Gift”


Marlon McClain shares an uplifting message in his new song “It’s A Gift”. The track aims to encourage listeners to never give up and keep up their faith as they walk through troubled times. Armed with a soul-stirring vocal tone and evocative songwriting, he implores us to keep on keeping on.


E-Conomy – “WaveRunner” (Ft. Ivory Three)


E-Conomy team sup with Ivory Three for this mid-tempo bouncy tune titled “WaveRunner”. The result is a display of skill and stylish lyrical schemes with a chilled mellow hook to boot.


Krohme x Lord Goat x Sleep Sinatra x Chino XL – “Cursed Earth”


Veteran producer Krohme unleashes the post-apocalyptic track titled “Cursed Earth”. Backed by an ominous and moody backdrop, we get the gripping lyrical stylings from Chino XL, Lord Goat, and Sleep Sinatra who deliver the goods in copious amounts.
“Cursed Earth” is the second single from Krohme’s forthcoming album “The Ceremony of Innocence” on Man Bites Dog Records.


Crash 13 – “Hate For Me”


Crash 13‘s new single “Hate For Me” is an upbeat track that reflects on the unpredictability of life ranging from friends who turn to foes and love turning to hate.


Iamjakebars – “Pressure”


Emerging rapper Iamjakebars takes time to reflect on the “Pressure” life might throw at you. Backed by a dark and ominous soundscape, he talks about his own struggles and how he copes with depression, external opinions, and self-doubt.

Drella – “Night Crawls”

Australian singer/songwriter Drella caught our ears with “Night Crawls”, the heartwrenching track is ripe with emotionally punchy vocal runs, sultry melodies, and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on duality from pleasure and pain, light and darkness amongst other things.

!KVCA! x Entropy – “Everything”


!KVCA! x Entropy shares new single “Everything”, a reflective record that details the internal struggle of a young black artist trying to find his true self amidst the craziness floating around him.

King James III – “Mind Right”

White Plains, New York enigmatic rapper King James III is all about the grind as he drops the new single “Mind Right”. Armed with a smooth and laidback flow, he delivers a graphic performance that explores the luxurious life of a go-getter but he reminds us that it can only be achieved if one gets his or her mind right.


King Khali – “Leg Room”


Atlanta raised/Texas-based artist King Khali goes for the jugular in his new single “Leg Room”. Backed by a moody and ominous bass-heavy soundscape, he reminds us that he is not one to play around with.






Jae Gotem closes out the playlist with “BREADWINNER”. A hard-hitting jam that showcases his bravado-styled/insightful raps and his impassioned flow. The cinematic production by TheBeatPlug is a sure-fire as well.

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