Homage is an American hip hop artist from Carson City, Nevada who has achieved recognition for his intricate rhymes and thought provoking lyrics. The rapper collaborates with DJ A-Mills to deliver this boom bap number, ‘Pay Homage Respect’ to flex lyrical muscles and draw contenders to the battlefield. Homage explains further:


“This is the first track on my new album Silence Is Betrayal so I wanted something that was aggressive and in your face. In this track I just wanted to show off some my lyricism, punchlines, and rhyming ability. I collaborated with DJ A-Mills because I knew the song would need some scratching.”


In addition to being a rapper, Homage is also a screen writer and documentary filmmaker who produced the film “Language is Art” in 2017. His sound has been compared to an old school Eminem while his lyrical content ranges from boastful to political. Unafraid to venture into the unspoken ills of modern society, Homage burst onto the scene in 2015 with his knowledge ridden gas mask toting music video “Digital Clouds,” which quickly gathered steam on alternative outlets across the world. The relative success of this video compelled him to team up with longtime friend and producer Louie to work on a full length album entitled “Inscrutable Malice”, which was released in the summer of 2017. With one album under his belt and more on the way, it’s evident this guy is here to stay and it won’t be long before more people around the world are paying Homage.

Hit up his Spotify to stream the song and the album but also get on Facebook and Instagram to holla at the man who calls himself Homage The Lion Killer.

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