Our guy Homage The Lion Killer (quite a mouthful for a name) is back with another record from his coffers. ‘Ink Stains’ is what this is called and this alludes to the stains of ink on paper when there is a necessitated thought that needs to be vocalised. You know how rappers get in their minds lyrically and this is how it goes. On this track though, it would appear Homage The Lion Killer had quite a lot to say to women; something or someone definitely rubbed him the wrong way and he pulls no punches on this one.
Consumed by malice and an urge to expose the esoteric, Homage the Lion Killer entered the underground rap scene in 2015 with his debut single, ‘Digital Clouds’. The independently released track quickly gained steam in conspiratorial circles and set the stage for his first full length project, “Inscrutable Malice”. The album, produced entirely by Louie, went from being recorded in a Carson City, NV bedroom to being listened to by truth seekers all over the world. Homage the Lion Killer’s most recent project is a surprise ten track release called “Death by Amusement”; a compilation of various singles and previously unheard songs that didn’t make the cut for his upcoming studio album.
Step to Homage on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to holla at the man who has a serious urge to expose the esoteric.
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