It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Hawdwerk, and it’s great to know that he’s back!

First and foremost, he’s currently working on a new EP called Call In Sick (reminds me of his 2012 single), which will be released very soon. This will be his latest release since The Graveyard ShiftIn the meantime, he’s looking to cast some folks in his new music video called ‘WUDDUP’. Check out the details about that below:

April 19th we will be shooting a video for “WUDDUP” in West Covina and we could use your help. We need 10-14 men&women to be in our nerf gun battle which will also include washable paint & about 8-10 more people to spectate. If you have kids/nieces & nephews/cousin’s etc. (or are just big kid yourself) we’re rounding up as many nerf guns and darts as we can for the day and will return them at the end of the day (we’ll do our best with the darts). If you’re interested in being a part leave a comment & contact info below or email me at [email protected] so we can send you the full details. Thanks in advance.

Watch the casting video above.


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