Throughout history (esp. in hiphop history), we’ve witnessed over and over again tribute songs dedicated to mothers. Mothers Day, for example, will always overshadow Fathers’ Day (due to some events surrounding that holiday, like for example, graduation time). Let’s face it; fatherhood in hiphop is a really strained one. Most of the times you hear about songs about the deadbeat fathers, with a few (and I do mean a few) championing songs dedicated to the ones being there for their kids (you can check the margin over at Complex). The fact is.. whether it’s in music or not, mothers are more looked at in a bright light than fathers are…

…which brings me to this point. Hawdwerk‘s latest single, The Father’s which features vocals from Yung Miss is another one of those positive songs about fathers (well.. you can include uncles, and other male role models worldwide). This joint is the final single off his February release, The Graveyard Shift. If you like the track, you can grab it here as well. If you pay attention, you can get more of an insight on how the ‘Blue Collar’ emphasis came to be.

Directed by Mayon Denton.


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