Since the allegations about Afrika Bambaataa’s involvement in child molestation is ongoing, and KRS-One backing him up saying, “Anyone who has a problem with Afrika Bambaataa should quit hiphop,” Hawdwerk takes the situation upon himself and addresses it, and Bambaataa, at the Team Back Pack Nightlife event in Los Angeles recently.

‘And y’all don’t really want no problems/but since I was molested as a kid, put me in a ring with Afrika Bambaataa…”

The verse is coming from a place where at one point in his life ‘Werk was molested as a child. For the bravery he continues to show in front of a live audience is not to be undermined at all. Hawdwerk is aligning himself alongside the alleged four victims as well as many of those who were sexually molested, and calls upon them to be assertive and air out these perpetrators. As of yet, no other rapper, whether in the mainstream or underground, is calling Bam out on it. According to ‘Werk, if KRS continues to ‘act ignorant, in this situation, I may have another “legend” to confront.’

(side note: Although there hasn’t been a direct call to action for Bam to be brought in for investigation for these allegations, the majority of the hiphop culture have immediately found him guilty for his atrocities. I must say this; let’s be clear that although KRS-One is siding with Bam, he’s also saying that he has to ‘handle’ this situation, and wishes healing for all parties, especially for those who were victims under Bam’s leadership. Now whether you believe that or not is completely up to you. I know a number of people who have left the Temple of Hiphop because of KRS siding with Bam alone. The complex thing about what KRS is saying is that he believes there’s other forces at work behind all of this. If you look at the bigger picture in what he’s explaining in the video, he is right. What he’s stating as far as the authority is concerned, is true; they have been at work for quite some time; you can see it being documented on YT through ‘hiphop specials’ by MTV and many other music outlets. These outlets.. if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss the ‘clues’. Now, for this case? I just believe they’re watching closely, waiting to see what will happen next. You can make out what you want from this case, but I will say that I salute Hawdwerk for taking a stance against sexual abuse.)

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