“I wanted to create something with a lot of feeling, meaning, honesty, and sincerity. I believe that I have. I want my listeners to be able to look at my core, and perhaps see themselves there as well. This music is for everybody. ‘Catharsis’ is here to heal you.” – RuudAwakening


The internet’s music-streaming community is competitive. It’s like listening in on a party hosted by a bunch of novelty rappers and they’re all trying to outdo each other. But for Haitian-born hip hop auteur RuudAwakening, it’s no contest.

On his first full-length studio album, CATHARSIS, RuudAwakening first and foremost isn’t creating for others, he’s creating for himself. That makes his project so much more enjoyable to listen to. From his breathy sing-song-style verse over the atonal piano melody in “Magic” to the religious allegory and deep-felt lyricism in “Freedom” (Man I feel like I’m Moses see my people in prison, I see us beating the system, but all the leaders are missing), the rapper brushes novelty rap aside for a deep clean of the soul, which is far more essential to personal growth than music streams.

CATHARSIS is a very apparent album — there’s no trickery or hidden gimmicks. There are many artistic and popular references, making the project well-researched and effectual. CATHARSIS is a pilgrimage, the antithesis of fast-food, insta-gratified streaming culture. It’s stitched with the voices inside our heads, calling us this and that, throwing us to the wolves, and taunting us as our bones crunch under sharp teeth. Like the song by Gang Starr that inspired him to pursue music, CATHARSIS is a moment of truth, autobiographical and uncompromised.

CATHARSIS is also hope — hope that this generation can be repaired despite nagging ageism, sexism, racism, and all other isms. It exists not only to heal the creators, but to heal the accusers, those who are out of touch, who mistake catharsis for narcissism, and who don’t understand.

“I think I’m wasting my time, I think I’ll give it a try…I think I’m searching for truth, I think I’m living a lie.”

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