“S.O.P.” is the new single by Atlanta base duo Creative Mike The Rapper and his cousin Stace Loyd. The track is a reflective cut that gives the listeners a quick glimpse into the duo’s endeavors in the music and business sectors.

“S.O.P. aka Stars Outta Poverty” has a solemn, introspective mood with its lush dreamy backdrop which serves as the canvas for the duo to reflect on their growth from their roots in Winston-Salem, NC. The duo is also the executives of the newly formed  Dope Coffee Company that specialize in fusing coffee culture and hip-hop. The company uses an e-commerce approach and distributes its products online, allowing people to purchase and create their own environment in which they would like to enjoy it. The coffees are flavorful, yet simple. Buyers are not overwhelmed by unnecessary terminology, descriptions, and instructions. Dope Coffee’s products are there to enjoy while shifting the conversations had when having a cup of coffee.

“S.O.P.” is a single from the duo’s upcoming Spinach album. The duo has seen great success as business partners in the coffee industry and this album will be no different. The project will be published through Dope Coffee where it will be released with a merch pack including a specialized coffee, Ethiopian Dripp.


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