Montreal‘s rising emcee Green Hypnotic‘s latest project COASTAR feels like a summary of what the man has been up to all year. He brought back the same team from his previous project to switch up his soundscape while keeping it feature-free from track un to quatorze.

Green Hypnotic keeps showing growth and diversity with the music on this project, and although he may sound cocky that is just a selling point for the man. He also recruits the best of producers for COASTAR which includes the usual trio of Da P,  High Klassified and Dr Mad, while Joey Solo and The North Virus (the video game inspired My Kingdom) both contribute standout cuts throughout the 14 track LP.  He touches on personal subjects, demonstrating his project is intended to be felt by all regardless of the glossy, refined sounds which may turn off so called ‘heads’. In my opinion the beats bang, but Green Hypnotic endeavours to not just rely on the strength of the production and instead give his all as much as possible –  a GREAT thing in an era where lazy rappers rule the airwaves.

COASTAR is a step up for the Green. That’s it, that’s all, solo, single, no more, no less. Y’all should go out and support the kid!!

Executive Producer(s) : Green Hypnotic, C’nee Starlette & Da-P dabeatX
Mixing : Green Hypnotic
Mastering : Green Hypnotic
Artwork : Sakiroo

 Mysterious but cocky rapper, Green Hypnotic was born in Montreal, Canada. He moved to Vimont (Laval) in his late childhood at the age of 12. He’s now 24 but he is still inspired by the 80’s and the 90’s. Very young, he got introduced to the music and he was passionate about videogames and technology. He is in a group called COAST LIFE. He is also part of a hip-hop collective called ALAIZ.



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