6ari, a Canadian R&B/Hip Hop artist releases his latest single “love&affection” featuring JayDonvi.

A smooth intro sets the tone and entrance for 6ari. An emotive vocal rendition is steered by melodic R&B arrangements laced with basslines that help narrate 6ari’s romantic tale.

6ari is looking for love and affection but also wants to give love and affection to the right woman. He’s not driving in the fast lane but searching for a baddie that can make him melt.

Passion emanates through each syllable as 6ari proclaims he’s a man with pure intentions and just needs to be pointed in the right direction to show love and affection. 6ari takes audiences back to a time when artists wore their hearts on their sleeves. This catchy, captivating R&B/Hip Hop nuptial is sure to resonate long after the song ends. Stream “love&affection” and connect with 6ari below.


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