It’s mid-week and we got “In The House” which is nothing but pure heat from PA by way of BX emcee GQ Nothin Pretty. This is classic- in your face- hard body raps. GQ Nothin Pretty calls up his fellow NY cohorts Ruste Juxx and King Magnetic and together they deliver the necessary ruggedness as per usual  over Trilian’s neck snapping production.
Ruste Juxx flames the scene on the opening verse with livid imagery as he proclaims “… No lights and cameras, all action/shoot out your back, subtract the small fraction ...” as GQ tackles the opposition on the second with “…To earn the respect, you gotta murder the vets/ Destroy your camp like I’m burning the tent/ flip tables in the club that’s a turn of events…”, King Magnetic finishes the assault with his signature- no holds barred approach with lines like “..High school shooters, student body/Sacrifice fam for fam, Illuminati/ Feel the kick in your hand, it’s a new Karate..”

The video’s directed by Tim Foster for We L!IVE TV, with additional support provided by Pachino for Naked Eye Filmz, with cover art and media promo by Adam Tummons for AT Media. And to say their vision perfectly captures the vibe of the track would be a massive understatement. With slick cuts courtesy of DJ TMB, bits of clever animation, and sharp editing, the “In The House” video feels like the perfect marriage of old-school tenacity with new-school technology.

Check out the visuals, and then head over to the digital retailer of your choice to stream or download GQ’s 15 track LP, Animation, out now via Nothin Pretty Productions.

Buy/Stream Links (Animation): HERE

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