Emerging genre-bending six-piece ensemble GiddyGang links up with Vuyo for a jazz/hip-hop fusion collaboration titled “Sour.” The multi-talented band craft a somber and dreamy backdrop for Vuyo’s insightful and revealing lyrics that dive into his background and journey as an artist. From experiencing culture shock after moving from South Africa to Norway to the multitude of issues such as inequality to racial identity, Vuyo gives quite a gripping view that listeners can relate with. Joining him on the track is lead vocalist Sarah Nærø Pettersen who peppers the track with her smooth angelic melodic runs.


Speaking on ‘Sour’ Vuyo said: “When we wrote “Sour” i was in the midst of finishing up a trailer for a documentary about my parents involvement in the ANC and SWAPO during Apartheid. Everything coincided with the George Floyd-trial and a book about the fatal killing of Benjamin Hermansen here in Norway that just got released all in the same time period, so I had all these thoughts going through my mind at the time. So I just tried to abbreviate my adolescence into a verse and get those feelings of my chest.”

Oslo-based GiddyGang is made up of engaged couple Sarah Nærø Pettersen (vocals) and Sigmund Vestrheim (drums) along with members, Bård Kristian Kylland (keys), Kevin Andersen (guitar) and Martin Stapnes (bass). They are currently working on their EP


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