Boston emcee (of acclaimed duo G. Dot & Born) is back on a solo mission with the release of his new single “Hunger”

He teams up with fellow Bostonian producer, Vinyl Villain who laces him with a solemn and really cinematic backdrop made up of reflective layered textures without drums.  The instrumental really builds behind the rapper’s vocals and complements the tension release you hear at the end of each verse, both of which feature vivid lyrical imagery from Dot. Dot is in his final form here and brings the listener closer to the action with vivid lyrics like “Gimme the accolades, gimme the fame I rather have the praise/I face my fears and never back away/ I got some dead presidents to allocate before ways I had to navigate through the battle state”

Dot is all about the grind and comeuppance that awaits him and he is more than ready to scale through the hurdles.

Although not affiliated with a larger body of work, “Hunger” can be streamed/purchased via the leading DSPs here.


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