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Cop the description below to find out more. This gem has been in my rotation for a little while now, so I had to share the dopeness.

“S.M.R.G was formed in august 2010 with 2 members and long time friends Superior Thought & OphQi. After knowing each other for almost 10 years & pursuing very separate musical ventures, the pair decided to join forces after ST agreed to produce OphQi’s debut album “Taking The Piss” This quickly turned into the entire project being produced by ST and a Hip-Hop synergy like no other being formed
The debut album from S.M.R.G is finally here.
Simply listen and BEHOLD!

S.M.R.G: TwitterBandcamp

Superior Thought: TwitterFacebookBandcamp

OphQi: TwitterBandcamp

Peace & Blessings


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