Mikedecline – St. Laurent (east van)

Mikedecline – Just Frens

Mikedecline – Knee Deep

Canadian label phonographique hit us up, with this very fresh debut album by Mikedecline “Umbrellations“…I have to admit that I wasn’t quite felling the first 2 tracks….but as soon as track 3 kicks in “St.Lauren” (above) is gold after gold and the breaks are phenomenal….Give this one a spin, if you appreciate that good instrumental music, you won’t regret it.

We just dropped a new instrumental album from mikedecline and it’s titled “Umbrellatons”. Mike’s originally from Calgary, but has been living out here in Vancouver for a while. This is his first solo release as he has previously done work with western Canadian rappers.  phonographique


More Info at phonographique


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