Raw Soul releases his latest single “Ashamed” with production by Pieper Beats.

Gentle guitar strumming opens the track with finger-tapping bass and sonic arrangements to follow.

Raw Soul displays transparency and a sense of vulnerability in the single. His poetic, lyrical flow along with an uplifting hook resonates from beginning to end.” i’m ashamed, what’s a lion without a mane, a lioness, i’m lying less, when I fly I hope that she’ll be riding next, to me, we’ll see, i ain’t much but i spit some poetry i’m ashamed, what’s a lion without a mane, a lioness, i’m lying less.”

The Vancouver artist expresses that although he has secrets in the dust he’s aiming for that happily ever after. He also shares that hard times make a hard man but he could really use some sunshine in his life.

The relatability of the record is gripping as is Raw Soul’s lyrical performance. Stream “Ashamed” and connect below.


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