Jonti – Red On Green feat. JonWayne

Jonti – Confused Birds

Jonti – Flesh Of Morning

Not often we get some freeness outta Stones Throw but this is nice. Aussie Jonti drops this release:

Last summer, while prepping his debut album Twirligig, Jonti put together the “Sine & Moon Mix” for the Stones Throw Podcast, a collection of earlier songs he’d recorded on 4-track. In the months since the mixtape, he’s been hit up with requests for the individual tracks, and so Sine & Moon (The Album) came about.

I posted about Jonti way back while he was still prepping Twirligig before he released production-based material cos I liked his style; WIB one step ahead of the game yo. This is kinda a mix of hip hop production (including the beat he did for the collab with Hodgy Beats) and some ambient experimental vibes.


Jonti: Stones Throw Twitter


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