Rising rapper Ceasar The Noble caught our attention with his new project Friends EP, a 6 track EP that centres on breaking the mould and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.


The EP starts with “Friends”, a heartfelt and candid tune exploring blossoming love and moving from the friend zone to something bigger. Over a smooth soulful backdrop, Ceasar doesn’t hold back his feelings and implores his lady friend to take that big step with him. His lyrics have a refreshing honesty and are genuine plus his approach is relatable. On “Couple Things” he teams up with Moon and Autumn Dubay and the result is a sultry and somewhat playful tune about a potential steamy session with that special someone. Backed by a Spanish guitar-laden backdrop, the artists deliver their melodic flow with much enthusiasm and paint a vivid picture of consenting adults having fun. The next song “Movies”, is a laidback sublime piece ripe with punchy 808 kicks and soft textures. Here, the rappers kick a tale of making decisions and creating a good ambiance for a date. The song also features  Autumn Dubay. Ceasar teams up with Fendi P on “Have To”, a playful tune that explores the dynamics of relationships from a different perspective. He and Fendi P deliver a melody-laced performance ripe with engaging lyrics as well.


The EP closes out with the sombre “Shake Sumn” and retro-tinged “Outside”. “Shake Sumn” continues the R&B-infused sounds and showcases Ceasar’s melodic flow and relatable songwriting while  “Outside” is a summer jam that can be played during the cookout. Overall, Friends EP is a playful and fun look into stepping out of one’s comfort zone, taking risks, having fun and loving every minute of it. The production is cohesive and can be a bit serviceable at times but it gets the job done.

Friends EP is the side A to Ceasar the Noble’s 2-part project.




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