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rocomoco x Hoffy Beats – “Grooveshop” (Remix by damaa.beats)

damaa.beats caught our ears with his version of the track “Grooveshop” by rocomoco and Hoffy Beats and he revisits it with his twist. From the punchy electronic bassline, rich textures, ingenious sample chops and live drums, the producer delivers a solid remix that is perfect for your afternoon meditative playlist.



Intylekt – “222 In The Morning”.


Intylekt is up and about at  “2:22 In The Morning”, the track flips a classic soulful sample into something refreshing and reflective. The strings are well-crafted, and chopped and the drums come together like white on rice.


nobel – “Sunlight”.


Nobel brings the bright features in the form of this new release titled “Sunlight”. The lofi-jazz-infused track is quite sublime, soothing and groovy all at once.



Larkwood Falls – “Night Shadows”

Larkwood Falls‘ “Night Shadows” is a smooth and calming track that is ripe with layered piano arrangements and solemn bell synths. As the title suggests, it’s has a dark and moody feel but somewhat relaxing as well.




Sine – “Now”

Sine throws us into a thoughtful mode in his new release titled “Now”. The track has a slow and gradual build-up and uses a blend of airy cinematic pads, choral obscure vocals and soft guitar plucks.


muukko – “First Day Of Spring”

muukko gifts us with the sounds that usher in the “First Day Of Spring”. The warm and nostalgia-inducing vibe of the track is blissful and inviting from start to finish.




Filesystem Check – “Puzzle Pieces (Instrumental)”.

Filesystem Check drops “Puzzle Pieces (Instrumental)”, a snapping jazz-soul-boombap infused jam with that classic head bop element and dusty soulful textures to boot.





Granger x Lola – “always you”.

The duo of Granger and Lola team up for “always you”, a heartfelt and reflective track made up of lush keys, slick guitar plucks and sparse grooves.

Blue Sirens – “Passenger Seat”

Blue Sirens makes his debut entry on our playlist with “Passenger Seat”. The piano-laden track has airy textures, strings with an overall atmospheric vibe that is soothing.



lo-fi eamonn – “it’s a beautiful day outside”.

lo-fi eamonn shows us why “it’s a beautiful day outside”. The producer sure lives up to his name with this blissful summery piece that warms the soul.



stybander – “calming rains”

Producer stybander makes his entry on our playlist with “Calming Rains”, a chilled and melancholic track made up of lush keys, warm pads and pulsating basslines with hushed drums to match.



AMIA – “Please Call Back”.

AMIA delivers this soothing and relaxing piece titled “Please Call Back”. The lofi cut has a sombre and melancholic vibe and it’s nostalgic as well.





NMDA – “You Have To”

NMDA slaps some cool guitars with jazzy elements in his new release titled “You Have To”. The overall vibe has an happy go lucky and bright feel and it’s perfect for your summer playlist.


Mr.Morick – “In the MisoSoup”

Mr.Morick dips our ears  “In the MisoSoup”. The Japanese producer adds that the track is inspired by the energy of the city of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Over the dark and haunting synths and sparse drums, he throws in some filed recordings of the environment to give it that deep cinematic feel. The title is also taken from a novel by Ryu Murakami, which is set in Shinjuku.




vidak – “SWEAT”

vidak (pronounced “VEE-DACK”) is an experimental/electronic producer from Boise, ID. They’re best known by their past aliases: V-DAK, SETSUJO, and GEULLICHI when they used to make Dubstep/Riddim. Now with a renewed focus they return with their latest effort titled “SWEAT”, a hard-hitting cyber punk-infused hiphop beat peppered by cinematic synth-leads and dark tetxures.

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