Depakote has very kindly put out a free version of his dope instrumental album ‘Suicide Watch’, released a couple of weeks back by Fly Definition. It’s only a low quality version at 96kbps so anything other than iPod headphones and it’ll start to be noticeable but you can use it as a taster if you like what you hear, buy it off Bandcamp to bump in your speakers for the price of 6 dollars (10 if you want the CD). It really is a good album, I’d recommend checking it out.

Description via Bandcamp:

Fly Definition Music presents Depakote’s third official instrumental album “Suicide Watch”. Suicide Watch goes through the emotions of everyday life explained in sound. The tone of the album deals with Pain, Break up and the struggles of mental issues. The album sound is based off sad soulful samples, Melancholy prog rock samples and a sound that just makes you want to release all the pain from your body. Depakote dedicated this album to anyone who suffered metal illness like he does. Depakote believes that everyone shares a point in there life where they have felt alone and depressed. Depakote believes this album is for everyone and he wants to show his heart and soul through sound.


Fly Definition: Bandcamp

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