Freedom Fry teamed up with rapper, A-F-R-O,  for this heartfelt and insightful single titled “Mr. Nobody,” a track that dwells on loneliness. The guitar-laced track is ripe with A-F-R-O’s vivid lyricism that tells a tale of being the last one left on earth. He takes us into a dystopian world where only he exists, wandering from city to city trying to find normalcy or better yet human companion.

Freedom Fry is made up of a married duo of French girl Marie Seyrat and American boy Bruce Driscoll. The talented duo has produced music for TV, radio, and many more other platforms ranging from Amazon to shopping mall soundtracks. Whether it’s an emotional folk ballad or a fun pop banger about zombies in love, they have an unquestionable knack for melodic mastery and a catchy, timeless tune no matter the genre and for any mood.

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