Coyote Reverie is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Meadow Eliz and producer/emcee Stresselbee. The duo have teamed up to deliver some genre bending singles. From the retro-funk vibes of “Don’t Wake Me Up” featuring super lyricist A-F-R-O to the jazzy soul sounds of “Castle.”

“Don’t Wake Me Up” is a lively funky tune ripe with punchy drums, cinematic horns and funky guitar riffs. Eliz sparks it up with her commanding vocals and soothing melodic runs followed by A-F-R-O’s graphic lyrical stylings that also pay homage to those artist who came before him.

“Castle” is more solemn and sublime and is built on moody textures and soft drum grooves. Eliz once again gives a resounding performance with her angelic and commanding vocals.

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