The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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!KVCA! x Entropy – “Cold Blooded”

!KVCA! and Entropy shows us how “Cold Blooded” life can be. Over an ominous and moody soundscape, the duo takes us deep into the mechanics of street life and the different events that occur, for the better or worse.




KID TRAVIS drops a new single “VIOLETS” which dwells on reassuring his lover that he would be there for her. Over a smooth guitar-driven backdrop, he delivers a heartfelt and soothing melodic performance as usual. This kid sure knows the assignment.



HENRY ABERSON – “How You Feel”



HENRY ABERSON shares the new single “How You Feel” a heartfelt somber ballad that is ripe with lush instrumentation and soothing melodic performance. The song dwells on heartbreak and the aftermath of a relationship gone sour.




Sham Blak – “21” Feat A-F-R-O


Sham Blak links with super lyricist A-F-R-O for “21” a smooth love laden track ripe with heartfelt lyrics laced with a lot of bravado to boot.


SpaceCamp x Fred Hall x Preis – “OWL”


Copenhagen-based Hip Hop duo SpaceCamp team up with producers Fred Hall and Preis for their new single “OWL.” The soulful track is as reflective as they come and dives into self-growth. A perfect blend of melodic runs and insightful lyrical display.


Trevor Spitta – “Cyclone”


Rising rapper Trevor Spitta burst through the doors with a new single “Cyclone.” A mid-tempo bouncy tune ithat s ripe with smooth melodic flows and stylish cadences. The production style is inspired by The Neptunes and sure has a solid vibe to it.


C.h.a.m.p – “Ghetto Dream”


C.h.a.m.p makes his entry on our site with this insightful piece titled “Ghetto Dream”. backed by a somber, horn-driven boom-bap soundscape, the emcee delivers a mix of street savviness with insightful lyrics that listeners can appreciate.




Manuscript – “vindication”


Emerging rapper Manuscript digs deep into the dynamics of love, companionship, and more in his new single “vindication.” Over a solemn soulful backdrop, he pours his candid take on the issue in a very honest and relatable manner.



Luxury Rose – “Feel Like.”


Luxury Rose shares this heartfelt single “Feel Like.” on our playlist. Bolstered by a somber and ethereal soundscape, she talks about the changing dynamics of life, from the good and bad, she weaves through the emotions and pours her frustrations on wax as he fights her inner demons and much more. Luxury Rose is an American rapper/songwriter hailing from Pennsauken, New Jersey a very small town outside of Philadelphia, PA. Luxury got her start in music over 10 years ago at a young age through writing poetry and recording raps that she would eventually go on to post via Myspace and other channels.


Morrison Ford – “What I Dream For”


UK emcee Morrison Ford teams up with Detroit’s Guilty Simpson for this solid tune titled “What I Dream For.” From the lively and cinematic backdrop to the rapper’s vivid lyricism, listeners are taken down the road less traveled.


Kelvo – “Speed Up”


UK emcee Kelvo pours candid thoughts in his new release “Speed Up.” Backed by a solemn and somewhat moody backdrop, the rapper shares some revealing details and much more.


LOGIC LDOT x Boldy James – “Faith”


LOGIC LDOT teams up with Boldy James for this new collaboration titled “Faith” backed by a punchy vocal sample laden beat provided by the late Detroit producer Chris Cobb. Both emcees detail the struggles of surviving as a young black or brown man in an unforgiving city.


DJ LostNFound – “Foolish”


DJ LostNFound‘s “Foolish” is a reflective song that dives into the flaws of being human but with a belief in the divine creator, he finds hope.


Vicious Teknique – “Super Saiyan”


Vicious Teknique ‘s”Super Saiyan” is an autotuned affected trap track that sees him in his element as he focuses on getting the bag regardless of the haters around him.


DJB – “The Truth”


DJB shares the undeniable “The Truth” in his new single. Over a laidback boom-bap soundscape, he brings a refreshing vibe with expressive lyrics and a commanding flow to boot.


Lu-Tang – “Tang Signs”


Emerging rapper Lu-Tang showcases his verbal skills in his new release “Tang Signs”. The mellow cinematic beat used here fits Lu-Tang’s laidback flow and stylish lyrics. Easy to follow and quite inventive too


Jamie Paxx – “Tinactin”


Jamie Paxx makes her entry on TWIB with this hard-hitting record titled “Tinactin” Armed with a commanding vocal tone she rips the sparse cinematic soundscape with much gusto and her vivid lyrics are quite graphic and will surely make listeners do the screwface in appreciation.


Remulak – “Caliente”


“Caliente” is the sophomore single from UK Brooklyn-based rapper Justo The Mc & UK producer Remulak. The production is punchy and employs a classic sample that fits Justo’s vibrant flow and ear-grabbing lyrics. The song is taken from the duo’s Knockturnal LP


Voidness x HLP – “Good Times”


Brooklyn emcee Voidness links with HLP for this gritty and reflective tune titled “Good Times” which dives into the rapper’s state of mind. It’s quite moody and the lyrics are vivid as well.


ELIS NOA – “Weights”


Vienna-based singer/songwriter ELIS NOA delivers this heartfelt and somber tune titled “Weights” which dives into the dynamics of love. Over a moody and somber soundscape, she delivers a sultry and ear-grabbing performance while she questions the veracity of love.


JVS – “I’m Glad You Came”


UK rapper/songwriter JVS shares his new single “I’m Glad You Came” which is uplifting and motivational. Over a bass-laden drill backdrop, he implores us to always keep the faith and stay positive through the tribulations.


Thatfool AL – “March”


Thatfool AL‘s new single “March” is a blend of insightful and bravado rhymes laced over punchy boombap soundscapes. The lyrics are quite relatable and offer some revealing elements about the rapper/




Bobby JaGGerJacK – “My Own Way”


Bobby JaGGerJacK ‘s”My Own Way” is a self-reflective tune that sees him revealing some things about himself. Over a moody backdrop, he shows us the ups and downs in his journey and all the experiences that make him who he is.




Elijah Blond – “Immortal”


Singer/songwriter Elijah Blond returns with a new single “Immortal” which showcases his expressive songwriting and unique vocal runs. Over a moody and ominous backdrop, he tells a story of addiction and recovery from a sympathetic and sentimental perspective.

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