Emerging Thousand Oaks, CA-based hip-hop act Foster Cazz shares the first installment from his 8-track debut album, ‘The Daytripper’. The musical act in question is titled “Act II (The Tulip) “. The single is about hitting rock bottom, realizing the faults in our system and blossoming out to become who we are and who he is. Backed with smooth vocal samples, symphonic melodies, and bouncy drums, Act II (The Tulip) is a fantastic listen all around.

Hailing from Thousand Oaks, CA, Foster Cazz is hip-hop’s equivalent of a thief in the night. Foster’s music expresses a stark duality; he sounds mortifyingly grim and is ambitious as ever. Vigorously battling with the demons in his head leaves Foster at the most-interesting musical fork in the road; rapping unorthodox, poetic rhyme-schemes, over indie-alternative beats, filled with smooth licks, sharp stabs, and bouncy drum patterns, with a hint of electronic to top it off. With a mind full of questions and a fist full of feelings, Foster is sure to bust through the status quo.


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