The summer heat has arrived in the state of Arizona, so you should know what has birthed into your playlist: another treat from Arizonan composer Fons. He blankets the beat game with a new project entitled Nostalgia, and keeps his deep rooted early sounds as a throwback anthology for the masses to reminisce upon. Continue to read up on more back information about the project.. .Be easy and slap heavy!! S/O Fons and Arza on the AZ HEAT!!! Gheeaaa.

This is musical journey into the past, to the beginning of Fons’ career as a music producer. These beats were composed between the years (2004 – 2009).
“My boi ARZA came by one day with all these old beats of mine that I didn’t have anymore, after listening to them to for about a week I decided to put this tape together to showcase my growth as a producer.”

WIB3.0 Feel…

[wpsharely]Download Nostalgia: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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