Jamaica Queens, New York emcee Focus The Truth is a true embodiment of what we call student of the game. His latest release “Tales Of Trilliam Shakespeare” is a soulful yet hard hitting joint that marries the hip hop spirit of the past and the new age feel. Armed with a distinct, commanding vocal tone and superb lyricism, Focus carries the listener along with each word uttered and shows the listener a glimpse into his world from the streets, to the booth and beyond.


“Tales Of Trilliam Shakespeare” is the intro track off his recently released “Q85” LP


He started out his career battle rapping and writing poetry. “As a kid all I did was freestyle and battle rap on street corners, but after finishing my degree in English in Queens, I decided to take a different route and headed to London to study for an MBA.” Focus then released his “D.U.I. (Discourse Under Influence)” LP, an 11-song project produced mostly by London-based producer, Smoking Indoors in summer of 2012. Fans instantly were drawn to his unique flow and poetic skills. His work is his play-spending his days and nights writing and performing music and watching music videos. The new generation of hip hop, at least for Focus, has produced a well-rounded intellectual who doesn’t just ride the conscious tip, contrary to what people may believe. At the end of the day, his poetic and technical rap just relays the truth.

Focus was listening to a lot of Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z when he made the album, and so feels he can’t help but have been influenced by two of the G.O.A.T.
It is not often that music listeners come across a hip-hop artist that exhibits a demeanor as strong and confident as that of Focus the Truth. However, with his poetic diction and his timeless approach to music, this artist’s ability to rise against the standards of what is expected of contemporary hip-hop artists is inspirational.

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