The man Focus The Truth is back with another material for us to sip on. This is a visual for the song ‘Survivor’s Guilt’. This is a very relevant track from Focus’s album “Immortal”. The lyrics and visuals represent the culture in America these days. Obviously, it is a very timely record what with the wave of protests sweeping through the country following the killing of George Floyd by police.

There are many truths to confront in this song and  that is the purpose behind the song for Focus The Truth. This present times require a whole lot of unlearning and relearning on the part of black people, in order to confront present day America. This here is what you would call edutainment and it is very necessary for the growth of the community and to help people rise from the ashes.

You should be aware that you can stream the song on iTunes, Spotify and Deezer whilst hollering at Focus The Truth on social media as well. Hit him up on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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