Kingston-based MC/producer duo Five Steez & Mordecai have just released “HeatRockz 2.0”, a new four-track sequel to their first EP in 2016. The extended play boasts boom bap bangers, made of moody, dusty and atmospheric beats, paired with top-tier rhymes marked by precision and ease. This is the duo’s third project, having followed up their introduction with the “Love N Art” album in 2019.

HeatRockz 2.0 begins with Five Steez establishing himself on the opening song as ‘Commander in Chief’ before making it clear he’s ‘The Vanguard’. He takes over on ‘A.B.S.’ and lets everyone know who is king on ‘U.G.K.’, the EP’s final track.

“The process for HeatRockz 2.0 was the same as before,” says Mordecai. “I cooked up a batch of the hottest beats and sent them over for Steez to do his thing.”

Five Steez says, “The main difference in the approach this time was that I locked in at home because of this pandemic and did most of this project in one weekend.”

HeatRockz 2.0 is available exclusively on Bandcamp until July 31 when it will become available on all digital streaming platforms. This might come across as unusual for people but there is a method to the madness as explained by the rapper.

“Bandcamp is best for independent acts like myself,” says Steez. “They have been supporting artists during the pandemic by waiving their revenue share for all purchases on specific Fridays. Some of my fans have been showing love on these Bandcamp Fridays so releasing HeatRockz 2.0 on such a day felt like the right way for us all to give to each other.”

Five Steez is active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; the same can be said of Mordecai too – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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