We bring you a new weekly series with Feel Good Friday Mix, mixed by DJ Phelyno.

DJ Phelyyno:

First of all, my honest apologies for not making a Feel Good Mix last week, I was on a trip through France and Spain, and had a blast. I’m back home now, with a lot of excitement and motivation to deliver another 30 min of good music to start of your weekend. For this mix, I had a broad collection of music to choose from and it wasn’t easy to make a selection but this is it. It is a little bit shorter than usual but don’t let that harm you. I chose a selection of the freshest rap track plus some head nodding instrumentals.

To celebrate the release of his debut album I added a track of a big Belgian rap talent called Woodie Smalls he is from a city not far from where I live and I think he deserves this coverage. Don’t sleep on this guy and support him!

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Ryko – jungloar (depths)
The Other Guys – Time Cards
Versailles The Everything – Bird Cages
Mood  – The Maschine
Saga x Marco Polo – Tell Me (prod. by Marco Polo)
Faith Sonic – In My Defence
Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz – Memory (feat. Novej)
Rediculus – Silver
Woodie Smalls – About the Dutch
Dirt Disciples – Panoramic (feat. Torae)
Abnormal – Reaching The Omega Point ft. Go Yama

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