Thought Foundry‘s latest entry is a regilious themed broody joint titled Silver. Producer Rediculus laces a sinister laid back soundscape while Konflik kicks a narrative that draws inspiration from the Bible. It’s not delivered in the usual fashion as Konflik doesn’t hold back with the profanity to emphasize his disdain for the devils trying to take his soul-figuratively speaking.
Silver is taken from their collaborative Ready For This EP.
Thought Foundry is back with another loosie off of their debut EP “Ready For This”. “Silver” finds Konflik spitting bars detailing how he navigates the world around him while avoiding the pitfalls of betrayal over a dark brooding piano driven track provided by Rediculus.

Konflik doesn’t walk away from his religious upbringing, as lots of rappers seem to feel the need to, but instead embraces it allowing him to use metaphors from the Bible to equate his journey through life today. From the dangers of the music industry to the excess found in wealth and partying Konflik speaks with a brutal honesty that conveys how deep these things resonate within him.

“Silver” is the 3rd single from “Ready For This”, which is the debut EP from Thought Foundry on Platformz Records. “Ready For This” is 4 strong songs covering what lyricist Konflik sees as “things that motivate me to do better”. Questioning everything from the influence of religion on his life and the lives of those around him to ways to enjoy partying, this EP takes us on a musical journey of how Konflik and Rediculus see the world at large and the ways they cope with its effects on them.

From the opening drum licks of “Good Times” to the deep brooding guitars and organs on “Silver”, Rediculus provides the perfect backdrop for Konflik to lace his smooth flow over and ‘Flik doesn’t disappoint as he matches it with thought provoking lyrics and memorable hooks.


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