This week we’ll mix up a dope instrumental, a R&B video and whatever else we feel like doing. That’s how this works. You send us amazing music, we sift through as much of it as we can and we present the glory back to you. Yes…the top 5 submissions of the week is like a mirror of musical truth shining back into your face. Behold the glory, fam.

The Other Guys – Time Cards

Alright lets just cut to the chase here, if you looked back from today over the last year you’d be hard pressed to find more prolific yet quality artists on the production tip. They have defined the sound of HiPNOTT Records for the past year and their streak continues with the release of ‘Time Cards’ from their upcoming production album “After The 9 to 5.”

Cavalier – Dat Lah

Brooklyn MC Cavalier’s ‘Lemonade EP‘ drops 09/22. For now Cav runs down the ways of his dopery (literally/figuratively) on this quick single produced by Iman Omari.

Q. Jane – Bad Thing

My homie posted a video on Facebook. I clicked it because I trust his musical taste. Q. Jane’s ‘Bad Thing’ affirms my trust in his taste. Now you click the video to and affirm your trust in our taste.

Ockz – Rise Up ft Quadir Lateef & Skyzoo

“Black brothers with nice hops get bodied by white cops…the revolution starts when your life stops.” Just drop the mic and walk away Ockz…you win.

Versailles The Everything – Bird Cages (prod Orion)

Versailles The Everything is incredible as always on “Bird Cages.” Orion’s production compliments her airy vocal stylings. I don’t know what else to say really, Versailles is always rock solid and does no wrong by us.

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