Vocalist Ginette Claudette’s latest tune “Time” displays nothing but pure brilliance in four minutes. Her vocals have that vintage RnB feel to it, reminds me of a mix of early Mariah Carey(Emotions era) and Brandy. Lyrically she keeps it clean but still sensual enough to get the message across. It’s the month of love so say no more, hit that play button and get familiar with Ginette Claudette.


Hailing from Uptown New York City, Ginette Claudette is a singer/ songwriter with a unique voice and a story to tell. Born in to music, Ginette was given the same name as her mother, a latin pop star with a successful career in the Dominican Republic. At the tender age of 3, Ginette discovered she not only shared her mother’s name, but also her passion for music. Allowing it to become her outlet when dealing with major life obstacles , like the passing of her father and her ill-fated sister, Ginette Claudette decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps, honing her talent and pursuing her dream. Performing anywhere and everywhere that she could , she tirelessly worked her way from studio to studio and managed to get her foot in the door. 

In 2010, Ginette land ed a major recording contract with Universal Motown Records. Sharing studio time and working closely with so me of the music industry’s top songwriters & producers, Rico Love, Babyface and man y more, she created a unique sound for herself fusing classic R&B with today’s Urban/Pop music. Ginette parted ways with Motown, and independently made her mark with the release of her first EP, “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” in 2012.

The EP showcased Ginette’s soulful and impacting tone and created a buzz fo r h er internationally. She then went on & continues to grace stages worldwide with Far East Movement. On Feb 25th, 2014, Ginette Claudette finally released her debut album “Tainted Emotions”. The album received rave reviews, charting on the iTunes R&B Char t and trending on twitter. Th e Exclusive Japanese Edition of “Tainted Emotions” was released by Manhattan Records on September 3rd, 2014. Ginette recently followed up her full release with an EP entitled “ All Th e Way Back”, a project that reflects her lover affair with music. “We’ve always had our ups and downs but I fall in love with music everyday & it’s a p art of me”. Continuously working towards making her dreams come t rue, Ginette Claudette isn’t going anywhere any time soon. She’s an amazing talent with a powerful voice and an even more powerful personality,” says Rico Love who was featured on Tainted Emotions. “ A superstar to say the absolute least.”

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