B-More based emcee/producer Chisom drops his afrobeat influenced tribute joint called Africa Get Money. He keeps it purely organic with a bass driven minimalistic backdrop laced with what I’m guessing is a Nigerian vocal sample (sounds familiar but can’t put a finger on the source) while he name drops several African countries, foods and lifestyle for those who don’t know.

Hit the play button, get familiar with Chisom’s Africa Get Money and learn some new lingo while you’re at it.


“Africa Get Money” is a call to celebration: an ode to prosperity and enjoyment, for anyone down to partake. “Yeah, they birthed me here, but I rep home / Plan to stunt hard next time I get home,” Chisom raps. The newly-minted 23-year-old makes sure to show love to West Africa; he shouts out everything from Kente loafers & jollof rice, to stylish, Ankara print-clad ladies. 
“Africa Get Money” is featured on Chisom’s debut EP, The Jordan Year, available now for complimentary download!
Chisom (Chisom Uzosike) is a 23-year old producer, rapper and creative director, born in Detroit and raised in Maryland. He’s the eldest son of Nigerian immigrants, and the first in his family born in America. While his father exposed him to music from all corners of Africa in the house, young Chisom discovered Hip Hop in elementary school, where his classmates introduced him to Baltimore’s local Hip Hop/R&B station. 
 Chisom began producing Hip Hop music at 17, inspired by stars like DJ Premier, The Neptunes and Kanye West. Drawing from his love of music of all genres, his keen ear for samples and his Nigerian roots, he quickly developed a striking, eclectic style. His work has been praised by music critics and featured on Sway in the Morning, DJBoothThe Fader, and more.
 Gifted with a smooth flow and deep, resonant voice, Chisom combines slick wordplay with real-life themes and vibrant production. His cultural/musical influences shine through every song: the verbal dexterity and swagger of the East Coast, the entrancing rhythms of Afrobeat, and the ultra cool, laid-back attitude of the West Coast.
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