Emerging Australian rapper/songwriter Ezra Allen is in his element and in 2020 he completed his 3 part mixtape Mutterings of a Deteriorating Degenerate. The project, which spanned three years saw him develop his own abilities as a writer and musician in real-time. Blending hiphop with funk, jazz and neo soul, Ezra has found his voice and he is determined to share with the world his distinct style that is both introspective and thought-provoking.

The first track on our list “Overcooked Tortilla” sees him teaming up with singer Isadora, a jazzy soulful track that explores his own growth, relationship and connecting with others. His off-beat flow and heartfelt lyrics are quite engaging but the main kicker is when the track breaks down for Isadora’s soothing melodic vocals.

“Snapchat Rapchaps” is a mellow and melancholic tune that explores self-criticism in the face of adversity and being honest as much as possible. Ezra looks within and acknowledges the flaws while working his way around them with a candid and nuanced approach. His laidback and unassuming flow might take a bit of getting used to but once you get passed it, the lyrics are what will keep you locked in. He is joined by vocalist Amber Ferraro who adds her sublime melodic hums to the record.


The final cut “guess we’re doing this again” is as melancholic as they come and it’s made up of sombre piano arrangement with sparse drum grooves and moody textures. Ezra digs deep and reflects on his journey thus far and the many decisions that might make or break him.

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