Has it really been two month, since our last Chronicles?!…I must apologise for the lack of UC as we had a few thecnical issues, and couldn’t make it for the past couple of months. But now we are officially back and better than ever.

I would like to thank Moka Only for joining us on our last series, very interesting in depth view at some of Torch’s world, if you haven’t peeped it, you missing out.

This month we bring you Suff Daddy. We have been posting about Suff, since day one, and honestly he is in my personal top 10 producers and has been getting better and better. . So it was only right that we’d approach and ask for Suff to share a bit of his personal live as a producer with everyone at WIB.

Gets even better though…Suff is on the road as we speak as he just started his European tour with Miles Bonny…he will be reporting from the road with stories and full pictures of what happens when it happens. The pictures will be taken by Photographer extraordinaire Robert Winter, the man responsible for all the epic Hi-Hat Club album covers. Head over to his website to check his work, if you into photography, highly recommended you to have a look

So this should be some epic stuff right here. Suff always brings excellence to his work, and it sounds like this Chronicles are going to be as excellent as his album releases.

I’ll leave you with a little preview of Suff for those of you who are not familiar:


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Info On Tour Dates + Links After The Jump…

22.06. Stuttgart, Mono
24.06. Wien, Donauinselfest
25.06. Wien, Roxy
30.06. München, Atomic Cafe
02.07. Erfurt, Centrum
06.07. Berlin, Cassiopeia
08.07. Dresden, Altes Wettbüro
09.07. Plauen, Alte Kafferösterei
10.07. Hi-Hat Club @ Splash Festival
14.07. Hamburg, Waagenbau
15.07. Köln, Arty Farty Gallery

Presented by Step Forward Booking, Juice.de, Mixery Raw Deluxe, splash! Mag & HHV.de

Check the tour diary on Facebook to stay up to date. facebook.com/​Lumberjack.and.Gin.tour.2011

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