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Ogi feel the Beat – “Coffe Call”

Ogi feel the Beat shares “Coffe Call” as his latest output. The track is chilled and has a soulful texture backed by dreamy horns and smooth atmospheric sounds as well. It’s taken from the recently released compilation distributed by the Label Cantroll Downtown

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prvrln – “Horizon”

prvrln goes for a blend of styles in his new release titled “Horizon.” From the sublime synths, 4 to the floor drums and screwed vocal samples, he sure brings something refreshing to the forefront.

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Vicstradamus – “Inner Self”

Vicstradamuss “Inner Self” is a sublime and somewhat nostalgia-inducing piece that is made up of dreamy synths, soft pads, and a wobbly bass-synth over punchy drum grooves.

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Shane Houghtaling – “iris.”

Shane Houghtaling lifts our spirits with “iris.” a chilled melodic piece ripe with solemn and reflective keys, strings, and soft drum grooves to match.

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Coujo – “city lights”

Coujo sparks it up with “city lights,” a vibrant and upbeat track ripe with dreamy and layered sound textures. It’s quite sublime and well crafted.





Ogi feel the Beat x Frazzle Truffle – “Patiently Waiting (remix)”

Ogi feel the Beat remixes Italian artist Frazzle Truffle’s track “Patiently Waiting (remix).” The result is a somber and reflective piece ripe with quite a lot of musical elements from chopped vocal samples, subtle horns, and gloomy strings. It’s quite engaging and perfect for one’s evening playlist.

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Billy Hammer – “clair de lune”

Billy Hammer‘s”clair de lune” is a short but sublime piece that takes listeners down memory lane. From the somber piano riff, sad strings and soft drum grooves that reek of emotions and reflectiveness.





PANTJA5ILA puts the mark in the “Red” in his new joint. From the lush keys, cinematic horns, and punchy boom-bap drums, he sure delivers the goods.

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Zaccur – “#20”


Producer Zaccur delivers a smooth and soothing release “#20” which is ripe with warm basslines, summery flutes, and textures with a solid drum groove to match.



Chuuwee & iMAGiNARY OTHER – “MILK (Instrumental)”

Chuuwee and iMAGiNARY OTHER share the instrumental version of their song “MILK ” taken from their collaborative album The Tip Of A Tab (PO+) released at the end of 2018. The track has a gloomy and ethereal vibe with its lush textures and punchy drums

Marc Mathias – “That One Christmas Song”


NY-based producer Marc Mathias delivers this heartfelt beat titled “That One Christmas Song” which flips a classic Stylistics song into something refreshing and soulful. A blend of sleighbells, Xmas holiday spirit, and thick 808 trap drums to complete the job.

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Palishi – “Flecos De Invisible Trama. (Instrumental)”


Palishi delivers this nostalgia-inducing beat “Flecos De Invisible Trama. (Instrumental)” which takes us back in time. From the smooth drum grooves, pulsating basslines to the sublime textures and keys.

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CHiLL-iLL – “Raum & Zeit (Instrumental)”

CHiLL-iLL shares the instrumental version of his upcoming song “Raum & Zeit” (space & time). The mid-tempo cut is ripe with smooth guitar riffs, warm basslines, and summery flutes to match.

DaMarcus VanBuren – “Bounce”


DaMarcus VanBuren sure brings back the “Bounce” in his new release. From the punchy drums, moody synths, and pulsating bassline and flutes, he delivers the goods.


Ghostnaut – “Willow Tree”


Ghostnaut and Handbook capture the warm essence of a summer day in his new instrumental “Willow Tree.” A nice fusion of lush guitar riffs, reflective keys, and pulsating basslines layered over a solid bouncy drum.


John Paul Bosbolo – “Cultivate”


John Paul Bosbolo know the drill as he brings that heavy cinematic bounce in his new release titled “Cultivate”

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Watasino – “Trivial day”


Watasino‘s “Trivial day” is as somber as they come. It exudes nostalgic and reflective vibes. From the sparkling piano chords, tightly woven progression, and soft drum grooves, Watasino delivers the goods on this one.




Japanese keyboardist WANCE shows us his prowess behind the keys with this piano-driven beat titled “ONCE.” It oozes a blend of jazz/soul and lofi vibes and is a perfect addition to your study or relaxing playlist.


Learbvicks – “billet”

Learbvicks wraps up this week’s list with the choppy and somber instrumental titled “billet.” Created with live FX through SP404/SP303, the producer makes use of thinly sliced samples, crunchy drum grooves, and dreamy sound designs to match.

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