We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Allie Wilding – “Castles Burning”

Allie Wilding‘s “Castles Burning” is a superb blend of breakbeats, atmospheric vocals, and jazzy instrumentation. There is so much to unwrap, from the solemn piano riffs, horns, and overall soothing textures.



intylekt – “721”

intylekt delivers a cinematic piece in the form of his new release “721.” A fusion of dreamy strings layered orchestral riffs and punchy boom-bap drums.

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Jomy. – “Slow up”

Jomy got something new with “Slow up” a laidback lofi-chill track that blends sublime sound designs and layered textures over a stomping drum pattern.

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Vicstradamus – “Insight”

Vicstradamus‘s “Insight” is a summer-tinged and bright instrumental that caught our ears. He makes use of layered pads, arps, and field sound recordings.

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Anitek – “CityStrum”


NY-based Anitek makes his way to our  playlist with his new release titled “CityStrum.” The track is a smooth jazz/soul piece that exudes the warm summer vibes we all love


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Wolfram Sark – “Prospect Ave – “Instrumental”

“Prospect Ave – Instrumental” is a groovy instrumental brought to us by Wolfram Sark.  He makes use of vibrant percussions, pulsating basslines and lush guitar plucks to bring it full circle.

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Joe Sunrise x Blown Speakers – “Methuselah”

“Methuselah” is the new release from Joe Sunrise who teams up with Blown Speakers. The soothing piece is an ode to longevity and it’s made up of low soulful tones, sublime textures, and soft drum grooves to match.

B4Lasers – “2am on Sunset”

B4Lasers drops a quick one titled “2am on Sunset” on our playlist. The record is a mid-tempo bouncy tune ripe with soulful chops and crunchy drums to match. There are quite a number of changes and switch-ups as well. This is the first single from his forthcoming Fool’s Paradise.

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Hanses – “Forever Waiting”


Hanses thrills us with “Forever Waiting,” a mellow xylophone laced soulful beat that is smooth from start to finish.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Line-Up Retro”

Ogi feel the Beat drops another gem in the form of this new beat titled “Line-Up Retro.”  The track is a mix of smooth textures, heavenly horns, and an engaging groove to boot.

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Essam Sami – “Someday”

Essam Sami‘s “Someday” is a soothing and calming track that really caught our attention. It has a chill-hop lo-fi feel but overall it has a reflective aura that keeps listeners locked in.





Ogi feel the Beat – “Amasing Night”

Ogi feel the Beat flips the script with his new release “Amasing Night.” The track is a scenic piece that is layered with ethereal and sublime textures. From the slinky guitars, exotic arps and overall ambient sounds, Ogi sure brings something different to the table.


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REEL BEETZ – “Moonlight Hike Pt. 2”

REEL BEETZ  shares his new instrumental “Moonlight Hike Pt. 2” for us this week. The laidback track is ripe with lush guitar riffs, warm tones, and pulsating basslines over a solid groove.

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Wolfram Sark – “Prospect Ave”

Wolfram Sark‘s “Prospect Ave” is a smooth potpourri mix of sounds and styles. The track title is inspired by the popular LA street and it’s built on plucky guitar riffs, keys, and pulsating basslines. It blends Latin, Middle Eastern, and West Coast Hip Hop in a unique manner.

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Nathan Hui-Yi – “Groove In The Face Of Adversity (Radio Edit)”


Australian producer Nathan Hui-Yi brings some lofi/chill goodness with his new release “Groove In The Face Of Adversity (Radio Edit).” The track is quite nostalgic with its lush horns, performance piano arrangement, warm basslines and rumbling drums to match.

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suurves – “Madness”


Suurves‘s “Madness” is a blend of thick trap drums and sitar sounds. It’s quite engaging but it doesn’t bring new elements in but still gets the job done.


Despotovic Music – “Luna”


Despotovic Music makes his entry on our list with this experimental and eclectic piece titled “Luna.” He makes use of ethereal vocal synths, lush strings and thick basslines to bring this to life.

SoBe – “Poco”

SoBe got something for us this week with “Poco” a laidback guitar-laden beat that has pop and experimental vibes.

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PLFG – “Cloud Talk”


“Cloud Talk” is a piano-driven lofi beat by PLFG that really caught our attention. The soft drums, solemn strings, and crisp piano riff really go well together.

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NICO.x3‘s new release “LUEGO” is a sad and reflective piece that dwells on the emotions that come after goodbyes and the need to evolve. The backdrop is layered and has sublime textures and ethereal synths to match.

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Groove. – “WinterSoul”


Groove. taps into the cold season with “WinterSoul” a chilled lofi-soul beat that is ripe with punchy drum patterns and a well chopped soulful sample. The track is from his latest release, Winter Soulstice.

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TBoneBeat – “The Unknown”

German producer TBoneBeat appears on the list with his new release “The Unknown” a mellow and solemn beat that is ripe with moody keys and warm tones.


flight lounge – “blue bag”

flight lounge flips the script with this beat titled “blue bag” it’s a nice mix of ethereal textures and synths layered over a solid trap drum groove.

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Rhythm Representative – “Soundsystem”

Rhythm Representative makes his entry on our site with “Soundsystem” an experimental track that tales elements from hip-hop, trip-hop, and dub. From the hard-hitting drum breaks, sublime tones to dub vocals that pepper the track. It’s quite engaging and different.

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Wizard Death – “waiting”


Wizard Death makes his entry in my list with “waiting” a chilled ethereal beat that also exudes nostalgic elements.

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