TBC/TUS Dceased, Konkwest, Abstract Ninjaa – Mos Def

TBC Affiliates “Dceased and Abstract Ninjaa” link up with member TUS Member “Konkwest”..on this entitled track “Mos Def”..and Here is an EXCLUSIVE Leaker off the Abstract Ninjaa & Konkwest Mixtape: Garbage Pail Kids (GPK)..Is scheduled to release on August 12th…This is that new sactown sound and it seems like its just the beginning to movement all on its own..It was transpired thru a few artists and now that its built a foundation…by the sound of it…Artists are connecting to the joints and paving a way to westcoast evolution of sound…Other than that slap this track…you know what we slang on this side!!


Dceased: Bandcamp

Abstract Ninjaa: Twitter

Konkwest: Twitter


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