Yesterday afternoon someone responded to my tweet in regards to #DillaDay events in the states. And in my response to the tweet, I decided to go searching for some of these events on my own. During my search I found some tributes that went down last month (trust me, it didnt make any sense to me, either). So when I was searching through facebook, I came upon this (which threw me for a loop; mind-boggled me).

Yes, J Dilla touched the Philippines, y’all. The tribute is happening next week at the M Cafe with DJs Kristian Hernandez, Ms. Badkiss, Heavy Boogie, and Complex… all representing from different parts of the globe. It’s dope to know that somewhere outside the US, there’s a country that’s paying homage to a legend representing us. Two thumbs up.

M Cafe (or Museum Cafe – venue): website | facebook
Kristian Hernandez: soundcloud | facebook | twitter


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