There is something about E-Prosounds music I just can’t figure out. He’s not exactly a backpacker, battle emcee or some emo lyricist. He’s just a kid who makes vintage beats and can rap well. ‘Erase’ is the second visual from his recent project The Divine Mind and, once again, he proves to be far from the norm. A very atypical set of visuals is what is presented here by director Will Lucas: simple shots laced with weird (I don’t know the precise term) photography and colour. I’m not a video person but I know this is not a usual hip-hop video – a direction which is not a bad thing anyway. Different and unique are the two words to end this conversation.

Tune in and get with the program.

One of the crowning achievements of adolescence is moving up from taking notes with a pencil to the permanence of a pen. Similar to the rap game, E-Prosounds has graduated to that higher level of learning and with honors at that — he’s come equipped with an eraser to take out the phonies and cornballs. For E-Pro’s latest visuals “Erase,” director Will Lucas borrows a page out of a book from photographer Richard Mosse, to alter your perception of reality. The self produced Zen inducing sounds serves as a meditative afterthought of his confident boasting. And for those keeping track at home, asterisks need not apply here as his records are all natural, home grown, made in the USA with smooth flows and soothing beats. “Erase” comes off of E-Pro’s The Divine Mind debut project, which is now available for free download.

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