E-Prosounds provides some smooth,nostalgic throwback sound on his debut LP The Divine Mind. The self-produced project has that laid back, soulful, 90s feel. Well crafted, structured and easily appealoing to heads, he may not be the greatest individual to grip the mic but E-prosounds delivered the goods to the best of his ability. No gimmicks,no tricks, just straight up good old hip-hop.
A solid effort if I may add.

Enter The Divine Mind. It is an ethereal dimension that allows you to perceive this world with clarity and super smooth beats. The debut project from E-Prosounds is the story of a refined lyrical creative who shares his travels in the everyday world that everyone else just wanders through. It serves as a collection of moments that give you the foundation of how E-Prosounds came to be. He flirts with ideas of Creationism to the extended mental escapes he takes where his other world thoughts stem from. Sit way back and enjoy the experience. No performance enhancing drugs or samples were used, so please don’t put any asterisks after the numbers this project puts up. Just 100% organic Hip-Hop.

*Release Party Ticket Giveaway Contest (via Birthplace Mag): http://bit.ly/1fqa4bj


01. Intro
02. Fly Away
03. Eeze Out
04. GW Bridge
05. Doin It
06. Caves
07. Missed The Free Throw
08. Erase
09. Magnificent
10. Face Of Terror
11. My Show
12. Wherever The Wind Blow
13. Water World
14. Love Me Or Love Me Not (feat. King Shas)
15. Chosen

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