DuPont Brass is a unique, soulful, brass ensemble hailing from the D.C. Metropolitan Area. The 9 man piece is made up of brass, a rhythm section, and vocalists who have joined forces to make timeless music. The band started out by playing at the local metro stations to playing at weddings and private events. The band moved to play at various festivals such as D.C. Jazz Festival, The Washington Performing Arts Society, and on the prestigious Kennedy Center Millennium Stage.

The genre-bending band might be classically trained but their repertoire takes elements from all kinds of genres such as jazz, hip-hop, and R&B and on their newest full-length release titled Music Education, they show us exactly why they are masters at their art.

The project’s “Intro” is a horn-driven piece that is 30 sections long and serves as a reminder of where the band is coming from. The follow-up “Round Midnight” is a smooth blend of improv jazz and R&B sensibilities. The sublime vocals add contemporary vibes while the band creates the perfect backdrop for the grinding anthem. “Bring That Ass Here” is a horn-laden love ballad that dwells on love, at first sight, and it’s ripe with soulful vocal runs, rumbling drum fills reminiscent of classic soul tracks where the yearning for someone’s love was the norm. “To Be Continued” is a 3-minute epic soulful ride that starts off slow and switches into a punchy 4 to the floor drum pattern that breaks down when the rap verses come in. There is so much to unpack and the way each instrument blends in is just too splendid.  Tracks like the money anthem “Cake Up” and “Drippin” show different sides and styles of the band and offer a versatility that is unmatched nowadays.

The track “Sometimes” sees them teaming up with Halo Wheeler and Matte Black for a somber and reflective ballad that dwells on inner pain and daily struggles. The track is bolstered by the emotive keys, warm basslines, and uplifting lyrics that implore listeners to find the light within the darkness. The project closes out with the vibrant and bright vibes of “Let’s Go” featuring ADÉ. It’s a celebration for everyone on this one and aims to get everyone on the dancefloor and dance their sorrows away. With its snapping clap-laden drums, lush textures, and catchy melodic hook it serves as an anti-bad vibes song and a wonderful way to close the project.

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