R.I. native Jon Hope recently put out his new project Hope All is Well, a 9 track body of work that explores his life, inner turmoil, and more. The project is also bolstered by the visuals of the reflective track titled “Bluest Moon.” The track sees him working with producer  Bongo By The Way who crafts a soulful and bouncy backdrop to fit the insightful lyrics that dwell on overcoming the need for validation. The heartwarming chorus is supplied by singer RagzdDaArtist who joins Hope on the track.

The visuals were shot by director Eric Galano who taps into the core theme of the song and delivers a heartfelt piece that reflects Hope’s true mindstate as clear as possible.

Regarding the album’s title, Hope explains that HAIW embodies the reckoning he had that he “was carrying a lot of bullsh*t in my life and normalizing some real hood trauma.” He continues: “I want to raise expectations about what it means to be a ‘real n***a’ and remove the stigma in our culture that’s attached to being positive and wanting better than the cliched hip-hop tropes we come to love.”

Hope accomplishes his goal through tracks like the supremely powerful “THS (feat. Israel Wusu),” a soulful and uplifting anthem, and the gripping album intro, “Where We Come From,” which features words of wisdom from NYC rap titan Jim Jones. Never one to take full credit, Hope points to his collaborators—namely producers/friends Wattz Beatz and Danny Keyz—as being equal architects to the creation of HAIW. And it’s with their shared vision and guidance that the emcee was able to record the type of album that the world truly needs.

Hope All Is Well is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Perfect Time Music Group.

01. Where We Come From (feat. Jim Jones) [prod. by Danny Keyz]
02. THS (feat. Israel Wusu) [prod. by Wattz Beatz]
03. BLACK ROSE (feat. Mary Gipson) [prod. by Wattz Beatz & Danny Keyz]
04. My God (feat. CEEZ) [prod. by Wattz Beatz]
05. House of Cards (feat. CEEZ) [prod. by Danny Keyz & MTWO]
06. Bluest Moon (feat. RagzDaArtist) [produced by Bongo By The Way]
07. Winner’s Story (feat. OT The Real) [prod. by Danny Keyz, MTWO & Scino Beats]
08. Look What I Built (feat. Luke Bar$) [prod. by Latrell James]
09. African Boy (feat. RagzDaArtist) [prod. by Wattz Beatz]

Get it on all DSPs here.


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