Yo DOAC is back in the house bringing you more old skool hip hop history. So today Tuff Crew. some of you may know them some you of you may not but these guys have got some great music and deserve to get a mention. Following on from an earlier post feature Freshco and Miz I have decided to stick with a bit of a theme. The mighty DJ Miz hails from Philly and I think it only right to further showcase some more of their local talent. Plus props to my homie Mike for bringing this group to my attention. Now lets kick it here’s the lowdown on the crew.

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The Tuff Crew, composed of Ice Dog, L. A. Kid, Monty G, Tone Love, and DJ Too Tuff,[1] is a hip hop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, dubbed “Philly’s first Rap Supergroup”.[2] They released four albums. Their debut LP included production by the Ultramagnetic MCs’ Kool Keith and Ced Gee , with a style that was bass-heavy with Roland TR-808 drum machine, raw “street” lyrics and aggressive scratch DJing.

They performed with Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, LL Cool J, and many others. They toured the U.S.A as the support act for 2Live Crew, and were fan favorites on the groundbreaking Street Beat radio program on Power 99, hosted by Lady B. They were racially-mixed and ethnically diverse, and were regular performers at the After Midnight club in North Philly, once the largest Hip-Hop club in America. Their contemporaries included Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Dj Cash Money and Marvelous, Cool C, Schooly D and Three Times Dope. DJ Too Tuff, a/k/a the Deuce Ace Detonator, is considered a forefather of the Turntablist movement, because of several dynamic DJ tracks on the group’s albums. Dj Z-Trip, DJ Shadow and other New School DJs credit DJ Too Tuff for inspiring their style and music.

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During the recording of their fourth album “Still Dangerous”, the group was joined by Smooth K and D.J. Cutzology. Members Tone Love & D.j. Too Tuff were absent during this 1991 recording working on outside project Danger Zone M.O.B. Squad.

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Flippin Kilos

“My Parta Town” peaked at #23 on the Billboard Rap charts (1989.)

Tuff Crew – My Part Of Town

“Back to Wreck Shop” reached #74 on the Billboard R&B album charts (1989.)

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Now lets get down to business with samples and as usual there is a lot to discuss so i’ll keep it to the most well known tracks. And the purely DJ track by Too Tuff which has inspired a generation of turntablists. Also as usual click on the images below for more info in the artist.

Tuff Crew – Tuff Is In The House


Honey Drippers – Impeach The President ….. Fab 5 Freddy – Change The Beat French Version


Tuff Crew – Detonator

Kool & the Gang – NT

Tuff Crew – My Part Of Town


The Blackbyrds – Street Games ……………….. Kurtis Blow – Tough

Tuff Crew – Soul Food


Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest LightJohnny Pate – Shaft in Africa


Thats all Folks Peace Out


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